But I felt you needed to know

  • How often do you publish stories?
    • When I feel like it. Was that too blunt? Basically, illustrations aren’t cheap and writing these stories takes time. I would like to say I will publish a story monthly but really depends. This isn’t my full time job…yet?
  • Is your comic kid friendly?
    • Fair warning: there will be cursing in this comic so I would say it is rated as PG-13 and not for your little ones learning to read.
  • Do you do your own illustrations?
    • Absolutely….not. I tried and even took a comic book/children’s illustrations class for a while (shout out to Callenwolde Art Center for their arts programs!); however, decided to just hire an awesome C. Andrew Williams illustrator to help me out.
  • Are the stories really…like really like your life?
    • HA! Absolutely not. The stories are based off of some life occurrences (will not disclose which ones for my embarrassment sake :D) but mainly from interacting with other dog parents and using my lively imagination.
  • How can I support you and your webcomic?
    • Donate via PayPal!
      • To be clear this is a hobby but it is an expensive one so would love to at least break even in costs.
    • Share the comic with friends and family
    • Subscribe to learn about upcoming comics and changes
    • Tell me what you think of them! But if you hate them -_- don’t read them.
Megabyte pondering these questions (also copyrighted 2019 Cecili Reid)